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"Modern Computerized Toll Management System (MCTMS)"


Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Modern Computerized Toll Management System (MCTMS) on Toll Plaza, Mukterpur Bridge and Weigh Scale system at 6th Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge (Mukterpur Bridge)

CNS Limited has developed and delivered a complete Web based centralized real Time online Modern Toll Collection system; for Mukterpur Bridge. Toll Transaction records are stored simultaneously in Bridge Site data Centre as well as central Data Center at Setu Bhaban, Banani and Disaster Recovery Center at Lalmatia, Dhaka. All transaction record is web based real time online. CNS Limited has established Virtual Private Network (VPN) based Wide Area Network (WAN) within all sites with requisite redundancy, bandwidth and security. In this project CNS Limited has also supplied required number of servers, workstations, POS/Toll counters, High Speed POS Printers, Automated Boom Barriers, Vehicle Detectors and Loop Sensors, Lane Processors, Traffic Controllers, Customer facing display, High Capacity automatic Power Generator, Power Bank and CCTV for Surveillance among others under the contract. They are also engaged in Modern Computerized Operation of 2 (Two) Weigh Scale Station at bridge site as a part of the Ongoing Project.

In this project CNS Limited has designed, developed, installed, and Commissioned a total Web based centralized real Time online Modern Toll Collection system with Automated Vehicle Classification using real time integration with the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) vehicle data base and embedded vehicle snapshot with all transaction for audit and verification. The system uses Oracle 11g Data base with oracle data Guard.

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