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"Vehicle Registration Fees Collection System"


Commercial Banks collect motor vehicles taxes/fees (motor vehicle revenue) under the heads of accounts at their bank branches/booths running on true on‑line banking system developed by CNS Limited, the Service Provider. The Regulatory Authority (The Client) has access to the collection database from its each office terminal in order to be confirmed of collection. CNS Limited has the necessary infrastructure for this purpose.

The application software has the provision for auto calculation of tax & fee with fine/additional fee, where applicable, on the basis of a predefined fee structure and also has provision for re‑adjustment of taxes and fees structure in case of any change in rate is made by the Government from time to time. This is maintained in separate Meta data layer of the software where business rates and tariffs are entered into the system and have facility to contain historical changes.

Customers get ready assessment of tax/fees with carbon-back deposit receipts directly from respective booths. So that the subscribers need not go to Regulatory Authority’s offices for tax/fee assessment purpose, except for the first time of deposition.

Payment of registration, tax, route permit, driving license etc. at the first time, the assessment is done by the Regulatory Authority and CNS Limited will provide required carbon back deposit slips to the Client in advance.

The workflow begins when the collection officer at the Associated Bank(s) inputs a financial transaction (typically a record containing related data on receipt of fees/tax) via SSL secured interface of the software. The data is first saved to the data center server located at CNS data center and then the data is parallel saved across a multitude of data warehouses located at CNS labs. The data center server is the main server and the data warehouses act as backup servers in case of requisite recovery of data when main server experiences downtime.


The record is immediately available real-time on the website applet designed for the specific purpose of BRTA’s access to the database. The pages will not be based on dynamic database only. Rather, the pages will be pushed to the client browser via a relatively newer concept called data services. The data service caters the client web browser in a much secured fashion via Java Servlet which is mostly used in typical secured web pages across the globe. The website provides SSL secured reports and transactional data searchable via full-text-search engine provided by Oracle Data Cartridge. The reports can span across the web pages and can be downloaded in conventional edit protected PDF formats.

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