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"Maintenance and Support"


The Maintenance team consists of qualified and experienced field engineers who have vast experience in handling system troubleshooting and business domain knowledge about System Processes and commercial aspects. The maintenance comprises of several aspects like hardware, network and software troubleshooting. Currently a modest sized team works for the maintenance of the hardware, software and network connectivity for the existing Projects. Some Projects might experience far more maintenance requests considering larger hardware infrastructure, nationwide network, enhanced LAN, change of modality of access to the components of the System. Current Maintenenace Team works under the following directives:


  1. a)The maintenance team works directly under the supervision and control of the support department
  2. b)The support department operates through a 25-Line auto hunting call center where support officers will take support calls directly from the Client's officials, Stakeholders, users, field engineers, mobile operators and bank payment gateway providers.
  3. c)The support calls generate support tickets and related on site and off site field engineers will be assigned with the support task whichever deems applicable.
  4. d)The support calls are recorded and further processed to categorize the nature of the calls and the data will be used to enhance service and software features (if required).
  5. e)The maintenance team also provides routine hardware, network and software maintenance at sites.
  6. f)A rolling stock of spare parts and consumables inventory are maintained by the maintenance team at divisional headquarters where the items can be dispatched to the affected sites without significant delay.

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